I have been traveling the world, taking images of people for many years. This fascination with global people started when I was very young. Growing up near Gatwick Airport I would watch the planes taking off from my bedroom window which ignited a true sense of adventure. Where are these planes going? Who are the people going to see? I even used to walk to the Airport when I was 9 years old just to look at the destinations on the departure and arrival boards. Then I discovered Sebastiao Salgado who started a beautiful journey of human discovery at the age of 30. The good and the bad of human nature. This man inspired me to go on my own journey around the world to discover how different we are but also how beautifully the same we are. That we truly are one human race no matter what our background and where we just happened to be born. This website documents some of those images.


Many thanks for looking,

Keith Ducatel